Sylvie Smith, RP, ICADC, CDWF-Candidate*

Sylvie Smith, RP, ICADC, CDWF-Candidate*

A little about me…

My desire to help people learn how to get through tough times in their lives as well as create a sense of mental health wellness started with my own journey of struggles. I learned many years ago that when we have a hard time trying to move forward, asking for outside help is a brave and sometimes necessary process despite our reservations about being vulnerable. At times, we just need an outside listening ear that can help us amplify what is in our hearts and identify what is blocking the way to achieving our goals.

For over twenty years, I have worked in various substance use, addiction and mental health agencies. I have worked in inpatient treatment settings and over a decade ago returned to a community outpatient setting providing individual and group counselling. The clientele I have been supporting are referred for their struggles with their use of substances, problematic gambling and technology overuse (such as video gaming, excessive use of various online sites and /or compulsive shopping). As part of this work, I have also supported loving family members establish a sense of wellness with a focus on taking care of themselves and learning how to support their loved ones in a healthy way. 

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed presenting education sessions to clients, the community and to other health professionals. Including instructing a course named Addiction in the Family yearly, on campus and on-line at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Addiction Certificate Program.

I also enjoy mentoring those who have chosen the same career path. This mentoring helps me remember that I am ever the student and need to continue to learn the very best helping tools for my clients.

As for my credentials, here they are:

  • Registered Psychotherapist, with the CRPO.

  • Diploma in Social Service Work and diploma in Drug and Alcohol Counselling

  • BA in Social Development Studies, University of Waterloo

  • Member of The Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors,Psychometrists and Psychotherapists

  • Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor (ICADC) with the Canadian Addictions Counsellors Certification Federation.

My therapeutic approaches and training includes:

  • Client Centered Therapy

  • Solution-Focused Therapy

  • Strength-Based Therapy

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Beck Institute (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, (DBT)

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)

  • Trauma Informed Therapy

  • Compassion Focused Therapy

  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy

  • Some training in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

Outside of my work life, I love spending time with my husband, two children, dog and cat. We enjoy being active and spending time outside. My goal is to return to triathlon training to spend more time outside and for my own mental health wellness. Well, now I’ve said it out loud, so I guess I am accountable! 

CDWF-Candidate* = Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate

After two decades of working in the helping profession, I took a brave step to travel to Texas and take this wonderful training. Brené Brown’s work has always spoke to me as vulnerability, shame and self-compassion have been common topics in my work and I wanted to find a way to talk about these things outside of the addiction world. We all struggle with issues like perfectionism, scarcity and using ways to protect ourselves that may work for the short term (alcohol, drugs, shopping, binging on the internet, and even over working) however in the long-term, these things prevent us from connecting to ourselves and our loved ones.