Phoenix Rising Psychotherapy:

TRANSFORMATION after a period of stress and crisis.


Why Phoenix Rising?

  • Some say that the mythological meaning of the phoenix is that of renewal, rebirth and destruction. Part of the story of the phoenix focuses on its ability after death to be reborn from its ashes.

  • In the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling, a phoenix named Fawkes was a protector and his tears held healing powers.

  • In the Chinese culture, it is said that the phoenix is called the feng huang. According to “…immortal bird whose rare appearance is said to be an omen foretelling harmony at the ascent to the throne of a new emperor…is often considered to signify both male and female elements, a yin-yang harmony…”

These various meanings of the phoenix signify change and healing which is much like the process of psychotherapy.

Since you have seen my descent, then do see my rising
— Rumi, Persian Poet